1. Armando Bayolo says:

    If you have any questions to me, or want to purchase a copy of the score, send me an email at [email protected] (my website’s contact is down right now). Thanks, all! Good night!

  2. Arlen says:

    bravo everyone — gorgeous performances and thank you for sharing so much about your piece, armando!!

    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      Thanks. I figured it was better than sending everyone out to read a doc or leave you asea on what’s going on. LOL

  3. Armando Bayolo says:

    Thank you, everyone! That’s Memorias Vagabundas. I may have written the music, but the pianists are the stars. Thank you, Vicky, for shepherding the project, and to Mikael, Vicki, Blair, Tim, Winston, J.P., Geoffrey, Michael, Erika and Meg.

    And thanks, BoaC!

    And the Hostetler Fund.

    And all of you for listening.

    1. Megumi Masaki says:

      Thank you & BRAVO Armando!

  4. Ken Steen says:

    An amazing work and group of musicians. Such a diverse collection of forms, structures and musical dialects. Thanks you to all involved!

  5. vicky says:

    Bravo everyone. I am so touched and moved. *in tears!*

    1. Ken Steen says:

      Beautiful performance Vicky – so great to see/hear you!

    2. Vicky Chow says:

      Thank you Ken! Thx for tuning in’

  6. Megumi Masaki says:

    Wow – just wow! Incredibly moving & emotional journey, beautiful music and community! Thank you all!

  7. Danielle says:


  8. gene gort says:

    SO thankful for BOAC online!

  9. Michael Gordon says:

    So cool Armando! And a huge bravo/brava to the A Team piano coalition!
    Loved it!!

  10. gene gort says:


  11. Geoffrey Burleson says:

    Tutti bravi!! Such brilliant, vivid, and devastating performances from everyone. Armando, I’m indescribably moved by finally hearing the set as a whole. So powerful, personal, multi-layered and ingenious. Bravissimo.

  12. vicky says:

    I love getting to know every one of you through hearing your beautiful playing with us. Thank you .

    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      We really need to figure out how to have all 11 pianists in one room for this live. It’s really special.

  13. Jason Lennox says:

    Truly breath taking performances and amazing music

    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      Thank you

  14. vicky says:

    What a journey i’ve been taken through. Thank you Armando. <3

    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      Thank YOU, Vicky. You’ve been at the heart of this the whole time. 🙂

  15. Megumi Masaki says:

    Wow Vicky! Loved your powerful and heart wrenching performance of Personal Apocalypses ….

    1. vicky says:

      thanks meg! i loooooved your performance of Dédalo y San Felipe too! <3

  16. Armando Bayolo says:

    I’ll write about the final two pieces here, so as to avoid distracting you al further. Coquis are little tree frogs native to Puerto Rico. They have a distinct song that becomes really prominent after rain fall. I love that sound. In 33 years in the US I’ve yet to get over missing it.

    My Children’s Country is a bit of nostalgia for the future. It’s about legacy, and about my two daughters and their generation. A benediction for when I’m gone.

    1. Tammy Merrett says:

      I hadn’t seen the title of the movement but I knew it was the coquis and a storm. The night I heard it has stuck with me and always will. ❤️

  17. Armando Bayolo says:

    Vicky, I love the purple lighting in your piano room!

    1. Arlen says:

      me too!

    2. vicky says:

      gotta have the right vibez

  18. Armando Bayolo says:

    So the bottom half of this cycle is really serious. Oof! Personal Apocalypses is about the really tough parts of life. Yes, it’s about a specific, formative trauma, this time in my adulthood, but I’m not going to say much about it because it’s meant to be taken more generally.

    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      (But let’s just say that there’s a cypher that starts the final, peaceful section that refers to someone who has been a rock in these traumatic experiences. She knows who she is.)

  19. Armando Bayolo says:

    Cameo 4 is also about my father. He had an abiding, life long love of baseball. So, in his portrait, I take “Take me Out to the Ball Game” and rework it into…this. 😉

  20. Armando Bayolo says:

    (Also, I’ve known Winston a really long time. I wrote a big piano piece for him when I was a student. I’ve always been impressed by how effortless his technique seems. He can play Fernyhough and Carter and make it sound easy!)

    1. Winston Choi says:

      I’ve been absolutely loving these thrilling performances of such gripping and stellar music! Armando, you’ve knocked it out of the park with this!

    2. Armando Bayolo says:

      Thanks, Winston. 🙂

  21. Armando Bayolo says:

    My father died when I was 14. He was only 39. This was the most formative traumatic experience of my early life.

  22. vicky says:

    the music is blowing my mind!

    1. Armando Bayolo says:


  23. vicky says:

    everyone is so inspiring. <3

    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      Right? I am a lucky, lucky composer.

    2. vicky says:

      this piece!!!!!! WOW

    3. Armando Bayolo says:

      I also think each piece really matches each of your personalities!

  24. Armando Bayolo says:

    The seis has been called the backbone of Puerto Rican folk music (seriously. It’s how EVERY write up starts!). There are a handful of melodic patterns around which vocalizing and drumming is performed. Here, I imagine one Johann Sebastian Bach encountering the seis Andino (the basic pattern, in the minor mode) and the Seis Jibaro (a variant associated with Christmas carols).

  25. gene gort says:


    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      Yeah, that’s a toughie!

  26. Armando Bayolo says:

    Cameo 3 is a multi-generational picture of a house full of kids. It’s dedicated to my brother, sister, their kids and mine. Oh, and it’s based both on a Schumann piece and one of mine, for two pianos, arranged for one.

    1. Tammy Merrett says:

      I’m in the room with these people — the loud, chaotic and wonderful Bayolo family. Trust me when I say it really is a great likeness.

  27. Andrew L says:


  28. Armando Bayolo says:

    The biggest piece in the cycle, Memories of Places Never Seen (Palimpset) is about ancestral memory. My paternal grandfather, whom I never met, was borh in the Spanish province of Galicia, not far from the pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela. This piece is a kind of variation set on three tunes related to Santiago or associated with Spain: the first, from the earliest notated polyphony, the second from Les folies d’espagne, and finally the Muneiras do Santo Amauro, which is a rowdy tune sung by pilgrims on the route to Santiago in the Middle Ages. Each tune gradually replaces the previous one, like on a palimpset.

  29. Arlen says:

    so dreamy and gorgeous vicky!!!

  30. Armando Bayolo says:

    (Erika barely touches the pedal in that performance. That just blows my mind!)

  31. Armando Bayolo says:

    Cameo 2 is a little sentimental song for my grandparents, who are all gone now.

    1. Arlen says:

      it was very touching <3

  32. Jason Lennox says:

    That was beautiful

  33. Armando Bayolo says:

    The Self Portraiit with Adams and Andriessen (and Ginastera is Also there) is a cheeky reference to two of the most formative composers to my own work, especially early on. But it also references Alberto Ginastera, who is a composer I like, but I’m not particularly passionate about, but the second half of this movement reminds me of his piano writing. (The title, IYKYK, is itself a reference to Ligeti’s Three Pieces for Two Pianos.)

    1. Ken Steen says:

      Love the dialogs among all the composers in that “room”!

  34. Armando Bayolo says:

    First Snow is all about the first time I saw snow, at the age of 16, in Michigan. I’d also just left home to study at Interlochen. So this piece is both a nature picture, like the opening Cordillera, and a bit of nostalgic memory of leaving home.

  35. Jason Lennox says:

    I really liked that one very upbeat

  36. Armando Bayolo says:

    First cameo: my mother was a pianist back in Cuba and her big piece was the Chopin Revolutionary Etude. Here, I rework the left hand pattern in that piece for a little portrait of my mother as a young girl wowing her juries with this fiendishly difficult piece.

    The cameos, BTW, divide the piece into five sections or “books.” They’re each about a family story or a portrait of a family member and are very brief, in contrast with the main movements.

  37. vicky says:

    and all the different piano room vibezz

    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      Isn’t that fun??

    2. Ken Steen says:


  38. vicky says:

    i’m loving hearing all the movements! i dont know what to expect. !!

    1. Armando Bayolo says:


  39. Ken Steen says:

    Beautiful piece Armando, and performance, Meg – a lovely contrast between the first two movements…

    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      Thanks. I love how Meg plays that movement.

    2. gene gort says:

      sad to have just missed Meg…

    3. Megumi Masaki says:

      Thanks for joining us Gene!

    4. Megumi Masaki says:

      Thank you Armando! I’m loving hearing all the movements and everyone!

    5. Megumi Masaki says:

      Thank you Ken for listening! Such beautiful music!

  40. Arlen says:

    So groovy!

  41. Jason Lennox says:


    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      Thank you

  42. Tammy Merrett says:

    I loved it!

    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      Thanks, baby

  43. Armando Bayolo says:

    The Fania All Stars were the house band for Fania Records, which set the gold standard for salsa music in the 1960s and 70s. Here they meet another big musical influence of mine, Igor Stravinsky.

  44. Armando Bayolo says:

    Cordillera Oceanica= a picture of the archipelago of Puerto Rico rising from the ocean. Dedalo y San Felipe (Daedalus and St. Phillip) is about one of my earliest memories: flying kites as a young child with my father and brother, in the field in front of the Spanish fortifications in San Juan.

  45. mars says:

    was wonderful

    1. Armando Bayolo says:

      Thank you

  46. So looking forward to hearing Memorias Vagabundas!

  47. Armando Bayolo says:

    Score will be available AFTER the show. Any inquiries should be directed to [email protected]. Enjoy the music!!

  48. Armando Bayolo says:

    Thank you, Daniel. I hope you enjoy it

  49. Daniel Kelman says:

    Hello Armando: Thank you for composing Memorias Vagabundas

  50. Armando Bayolo says:

    Thanks, Michael! Thanks for coming!!!!!!!

  51. Vicky Chow says:

    Hi! Excited for tonight! Thank you Tim and bang on a can , armando, and all the pianists performing tonight! ❤️

  52. Tim at Bang on a Can says:

    Starting now, if you press the play button you should see a Welcome page! That means you’re rolling and won’t miss a beat…

  53. Michael Gordon says:

    Looking forward to this amazing concert!

  54. Armando Bayolo says:

    Hello, Tim. Thank you for presenting Memorias Vagabundas this evening.

  55. Tim at Bang on a Can says:

    Hello and welcome to the show!!

    1. Andrew Wallach says:

      Always love listening to Vicky…

    2. vicky says:

      hi Tim – Megumi is trying to post but it says it’s awaiting approval….

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Thank you Armando, for this piece, and for giving us something beautiful on which we could collaborate – and be together. To all these wonderful musicians, my friends, salut!”

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