1. We’ll share all your comments with Laraaji. I know it’s strange to end without sharing glances and comments with one another. But he was so gracious and wanted you all to know how much he enjoyed sharing his inner musical world with you all. Good night and peace! tim

  2. so healing. thank you, once again LARAAJI !

  3. Mireya Perez says:

    so beautiful
    Thank you Laraaji

    and thank you Bang On A Can and The Jewish Museum

  4. this was awesome. thank you

  5. I feel like I’ve had a tune-up from a master mechanic. Praises!

  6. Mireya Perez says:

    om om om

  7. beautiful, thank you

  8. Julia Wolfe says:

    the hanging chimes/bells are mesmerizing

  9. Mireya Perez says:

    washing over me

  10. Mireya Perez says:

    Mireya – so soothing

  11. Maya Erdelyi says:

    stunning. Thank you Laraaji & Bang on a Can, etc. healing beautiful music–light-filled music

  12. Susan DiPronio says:


  13. Nancy Wolfe says:

    Thank you.

  14. Julia Wolfe says:

    beautiful sonority happening

  15. Julia Wolfe says:

    the autoharp is wonderful!

  16. Thank you Claudia Gould, Nelly Benedek, Jenna Weiss, Libby Flores for supporting this gathering! And especially Laraaji and L’Rain for such creativity and thoughtfulness. So wonderful and important for us all to have a chance to share this moment together.

  17. david lang says:

    this is so beautiful. I am on my way to being relaxed….

  18. Nelly Silagy Benedek says:


  19. Larry Mizell Jr. says:

    I badly needed this today. endless gratitude to you both.

  20. Branko Radosavljevic says:

    A kalimba! Cool

  21. Nice to see folks from Portugal, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Ireland and many more. For some, it’s breakfast time. Or summer! Or both!

  22. Julia Wolfe says:

    I love the idea of stripping everything away – just down to the self outside of labels and identities.

  23. Libby Flores says:

    BOMB is so excited for this!!!

  24. Hello All – this is Kenny Savelson from Bang on a Can here. Super happy to resume our partnership with The Jewish Museum and to bring a new curatorial partner – BOMB Magazine – into the conversation. I wish we could be walking through the gallery exhibitions at TJM together, and we will again sometime soon! Looking forward to this show!

  25. Very excited for this show!

  26. Hello and welcome! Bang on a Can, BOMB Magazine and the Jewish Museum are so glad you’re here!

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Bang on a Can
Magazine & The Jewish Museum

a Live Performance by

Plus Laraaji and L’Rain in Conversation


This is a free concert! But please consider purchasing a ticket just the same. Doing so will help us to do more performances, pay more players, commission more composers, and share more music worldwide.

Bang on a Can’s LIVE.BANGONACAN.ORG is proud to announce two online engagements to be presented collaboratively with the Jewish Museum, marking the seventh year of the Jewish Museum and Bang on a Can’s partnership. Originally conceived and programmed for Bang on a Can’s Long Play festival, scheduled for May 1-3, 2020 but postponed due to the pandemic, these events will comprise a diverse roster of artists performing live-streamed concerts, as well as artist conversations in the spirit of BOMB interviews.

The first program on Thursday, February 4, 2021 at 7:30pm EST features musicians Laraaji and L’Rain. This bill showcases a pair of artists, both long champions of NYC’s DIY music scene, who represent two distinct voices in the evolution of ambient music. Bang on a Can and BOMB Magazine will present a live concert performance by Laraaji from his home studio in New York City, and L’Rain and Laraaji in conversation.

The next event’s date and performers will be announced soon. Both programs will be fully live and streamed on Bang on a Can’s new online venue-website, These events will be free to stream and the featured artists are being compensated by Bang on a Can, but please consider purchasing a ticket. Doing so will help Bang on a Can to do more performances, pay more players, commission more composers, and share more music worldwide.

About L’Rain: Brooklyn native Taja Cheek is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and vocalist who often performs under the mononym, L’Rain. She is interested in exploring the complex interwovenness of grief and joy, using voice memos and other manipulated samples recorded in her hometown as inspiration and source material. Since the release of her self-titled debut in 2017, her work has been featured in publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Pitchfork, and Hyperallergic, and she has performed at institutions and venues including The Whitney, The Getty, and The Kitchen, along with festivals including Basilica Soundscape and FORM Arcosanti.

About Laraaji: A 77 year-young American multi-instrumentalist Laraaji, is one of the pioneers of the new-age and ambient philosophies. In the early 70s, Laraaji lived in New York, admired Eastern mysticism, and performed in parks playing a vintage stringed instrument called “zither.” In 1978 Brian Eno saw one of Laraaji’s street performances and helped him record and release an album called “Ambient 3: Day of Radiance.” The release introduced this American musician to a wide audience, and his next 40 albums made him a true legend of meditative music. His most recent record release is a three album project of solo piano improvisation entitled “SUN PIANO”, “MOON PIANO” and “THROUGH LUMINOUS EYES” on ALL SAINTS RECORDS available online at Laraaji also has traveled the world guiding therapeutic laughter release playshops and deep listening celestial music sessions.

This performance is a continuation of Bang on a Can’s online offerings during the pandemic shutdown. On our four six-hour live online Bang on a Can Marathons so far this year (May 3, June 14, August 16 and October 18), Bang on a Can has presented over 75 performances including 23 new commissions and dozens of composers and performers. The Marathons feature interviews with the composers in between each performance, offering insights into their music, work, and life during this time. Most recently, our OneBeat Marathon on November 15 was a HUGE hit, featuring musicians from around the world who have taken part in our groundbreaking OneBeat international cultural exchange program

Don’t miss the next shows this year: February 21 will be an ALL-COMMISSIONS Marathon; every First Friday will be a lunchtime concert with Bang on a Can All-Star Robert Black. And look for more shows and another 1Beat Marathon!



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