Michael Gordon’s July 


vicky chow & yifei xu: july 31

michael gordon: july 30


mikael darmanie: july 30


laura barger: july 30


mikael darmanie: july 29


erika dohi: july 28

lisa moore: july 27

yifei xu & vicky chow: july 26


andrew anderson: july 25


conrad tao: july 24

jenny lin: july 23

isabelle o’connell: july 23


cheryl duvall: july 23

conrad tao: july 22

aaron diehl: july 21

david friend: july 21

erika dohi: july 21

saskia lankhoorn: july 21

yifei xu: july 20

megumi masaki: july 19

cheryl duvall: july 18

laura barger: july 18

july lisa moore: july 18


jani parsons: july 17:

karl larson: july 17


saskia lankhoorn: july 17


saskia lankhoorn: july 16


karl larson: july 16


aaron diehl: july 16


lisa moore: july 15

karl Larson: july 14

july 13: karl larson

july 12: timo andres


july 11: timo andres

july 10: timo andres


july 9: timo andres

july 8: jenny lin


july 7: david friend

july 6: zubin kanga


july 5: dan tepfer

july 4:  saskia lankhoorn and david friend


july 3: jenny lin & cheryl duvall

july 2: megumi masaki

july 1: vicky chow

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In spring of 2020, in isolation, I wrote a short piano piece every day. At the end of the day I would send the piece to Vicky Chow. In all the days of July 2020, Vicky released the 31 piano works, one a day, on Instagram. Now in. 2021 we are sharing July with an amazing array of pianists.  — Michael Gordon

Vicky Chow, Timo Andres, Laura Barger, Dynasty Battles, Mikael Darmanie, Aaron Diehl, Erika Dohi, Cheryl Duvall, David Friend, Zubin Kanga, Saskia Lankhoorn, Karl Larson, Jenny Lin, Megumi Masaki, Lisa Moore, Isabelle O’Connell, Jani Parsons, Dan Tepfer, Conrad Tao and Yifei Xu.

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