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Wherein Bang on a Can brings you a bunch of cool artists and pieces we’ve programmed over the past year for further consumption. In previous times we’d have packed up and hauled it all to Deutschland, but now we all can enjoy the Fesival for Time Issues in, well, real time, all around the world.
“WILLKOMMEN TO ONE AND ALL TO THE VIRTUAL MAERZ MUSIK FESTIVAL OF BERLIN! We’re so happy to have you here with us to celebrate…and Bang on a Can with artistic directors Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe whose….”

–   Berno Odo Polzer, Artistic Director of Maerz Musik Festival

To find out more about the wonderful Maerz Musik Festival for Time Issues, their website has all you need to know, in English and German!

Adam Cuthbert

Aeryn Santillan disconnect. performed by Ken Thomson

Arnold Dreyblatt

Bill Frisell

Christina Wheeler

Daniel Bernard Roumain Why Did They Kill Sandra Bland
performed by Arlen Hlusko

Jeffrey Brooks Santuario performed by Mark Stewart

Ken Thomson Birds and Ambulances performed by Robert Black

Kristina Wolfe Listening to the Wind performed by Molly Barth

Mazz Swift

Molly Joyce Purity performed by David Cossin

Moor Mother

Rohan Chander △ or THE TRAGEDY OF HIKKOMORI LOVELESS from FINAL//FANTASY performed by Vicky Chow

Steve Reich Vermont Counterpoint performed by Claire Chase

Tomeka Reid Lamenting G.F., A.A., B.T., T.M. performed by Vicky Chow

Tyshawn Sorey