Eliot Burk

About Eliot:

Eliot Burk, originally from Santa Cruz, California, is a composer and performer of mostly experimental and chamber music. These days he lives in Valencia, where he is pursuing a Performer-Composer MFA at the Herb Alpert School of Music at The California Institute of the Arts. He likes cats, dogs, teaching music theory, riding bicycles, and eating.

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About blue and black marks athwart the weald, which releases

Listeneth! ’Tis a tree story. How olave, that firile, was aplantad in soil. How it held steady. How rood in place. The blue and black marks athwart the weald, which releases, indicate the presence of sylvious beltings. Heavenly rides lend themselves out to beyond. In yonder valley, too, stays mountain sprite. Any twinklings are to be caught inside but it is a bad pities of honor. A scarlet oxen now mules the land where anciently stone to stone. By decree. Talkingtree and sinningstone stay on rightly.