Ensemble TaCTuS

The Ensemble TaCTuS was founded in 2011 by 5 percussionists (Raphaël Aggery, Ying-Yu Chang, Paul Changarnier, Quentin Dubois, Pierre Olympieff) and offers multidisciplinary performances whose primary energy is music.

The multiple and almost inexhaustible possibilities offered by percussion, which is always at the heart of its work, allow the TaCTuS Ensemble to constantly explore the link between sound, body and space, thus revealing a rare complicity with other forms of artistic expression.

Initiated with choreographers Yuval Pick (No play hero – 2012) and Maud Le Pladec (Democracy – 2013), the artistic collaboration continues alongside actor Jacques Bonnaffé (Dédale(s) – 2016) through a musical and literary show inspired by Italo Calvino’s Les Villes invisibles. In 2014, Ensemble TaCTuS produced its first show, Visages, by Quentin Dubois, a musical UFO halfway between concert, theatre and choreography. In 2016, the ensemble created a surprise by inviting the cartoonist Marion Cluzel on stage, and adapted Jack London’s famous novel, The Call of the Wild, in a sensitive, musical and picturesque reading. Pursuing its desire to crossbreed its practices and collaborations, the TaCTuS Ensemble invites itself on the circus field and is currently preparing its next show (Encore La Vie – 2019), with the Collectif Petit Travers.

Because they are above all musicians, the members of the TaCTuS Ensemble perform regularly in concert. They are as fond of the contemporary repertoire (Michael Gordon, David Lang, Steve Reich, Julia Wolfe, Eunho Chang, Francesco Filidei…) as they are of the more classical registers such as the Goldberg Variations by J-S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations, recorded with soloist Jean Geoffroy in an arrangement by Raphaël Aggery (CD released on the Skarbo label – 2015).

In addition to its performances and concerts, the TaCTuS Ensemble is involved in the development of transmission activities for various audiences. Musical theatre, sound effects, music and drawing…, there are many possibilities for accompanying and raising the awareness of the audience.