Hannah Selin

About Hannah:

Composer, violist and vocalist Hannah Selin juxtaposes acoustic instruments with electronics and field recordings to create striking and vibrant sound-spaces. She grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania helping her parents caretake a cemetery and listening to her mother write songs on scordatura guitar, and her music carries from this a sense of the supernatural, a closeness with the earth, and a love of all things resonant. She is currently working on Pieces of Place, a series of electroacoustic chamber works exploring the effects of global warming on places she’s called home.

Hannah’s music has been commissioned and performed by ensembles and soloists including Brooklyn Chamber Orchestra, Chromic Duo, S.E.M. Ensemble, Ave Sol Chamber Choir, Argus Quartet, Network for New Music, and vocalist Stephanie Lamprea. Her choral work “Winter” from Four Mountain Songs won second prize in the 2021 Balsys International Composition Competition, and Meditation on 2/5 for solo violin won a Merit Award at the 2021 Tribeca New Music Festival. Her score for short film 222, directed by Delfine Paolini, was nominated for the 2018 Peer Raben Music Award at the Soundtrack Cologne Festival. Hannah is co-founder and lead singer with the band GADADU, and violist and founding member of Xanthoria Quartet.

About Tributaries I:

Tributaries I imagines the flow of water, organic materials, and pollution through the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. Large-scale agriculture, livestock farming, deforestation, and heavy industry made the Chesapeake Bay one of the most toxic bodies of water in North America by the mid-1900s. While cleanup and restoration efforts are underway, the Bay remains heavily polluted. Tributaries I can be played as a standalone work, or as a connecting movement in the Pieces of Place series. Each Piece of Place explores the effects of global warming on a place I’ve called home, and the Tributaries flow between them like bodies of water.