Peni Candra Rini

Peni Candra Rini is one of few female contemporary composers, songwriters, poets, and vocalists who performs sinden, a soloist-female style of gamelan singing. Streaming from her native East Java Indonesia, Peni will treat us to the world premiere of a brand new commission entitled RAIN:

Is a musical work that presents vocal-inspired interpretations of rain events and their surroundings, such as weather, cloudiness, lightning, and the rain itself.
Tropical Indonesia places the event of Rain as something special, not only because the water that falls is alive, but rain and its series of events are considered something beautiful. The cultural customs of the tribes in Indonesia each have their own rituals to call and celebrate rain.
Rain is not only about the earth being moistened, but rain is about the longing of the sea for the mountains, the longing of water for the land, whose aroma is so soothing. The most fun time for children to play, a season that is filled with millions of gratitude by farmers. Because indeed for us, rain is as solemn as hopes.

Peni’s website

photo by Wahyudi Tri Haqsara