Percussion group is at the forefront of contemporary music in Istanbul, presenting audiences with
a diverse spectrum of music from rock to classical. Their music makes use of the traditional alongside the
unconventional and the experimental, and each program is an opportunity to explore the constantly
evolving musical landscape of the world of percussion.

Over the years, has presented the Turkish premieres of many modern classics of the 20th and 21st
centuries, as well as premiering works by local composers. Most recently they have collaborated with
internationally acclaimed percussion group Slagwerk den Haag, as well as creating original projects with
important local artists from the electronic and indie music scenes. is involved in educational and mentorship projects with local young composers and the MIAM
Percussion Ensemble to bring a variety of new projects to life. continues to march to its own beat
in today’s ever-changing musical world.

Lighting Design:

Görkem Özdemir and Cem Çakmak are long time collaborators in music and multimediaprojects. They have staged reactive visuals for on two occasions in 2015; performing Workers Union by Louis Andriessen, and Timber by Michael Gordon. Both graduates of MIAMSonic Arts, Cem and Görkem put together their undergraduate skills of engineering and designto create novel works.Currently, Cem is a PhD candidate in RPI and freelancer in Berlin. Görkem is a PhD candidatein ITU MIAM, an academic in the field of industrial design and a resident of İstanbul