Soo Yeon Lyuh

Soo Yeon Lyuh (composer and haegum) Soo Yeon Lyuh is a composer, improviser, and haegeum (Korean two-string bowed instrument) player hailing from Princeton University by way of South Korea. Her work draws inspiration from traditional Korean music to compose a meld of improvisatory and experimental sounds, as shown in her pieces Tattoo (2021), Moment 2020 (2020), and Yessori (2017), which were commissioned and premiered by the Kronos Quartet. Rigorously trained in the Korean traditional court and folk repertories from a young age, Lyuh is known for her masterful performances of new compositions for the haegeum. To represent the authentic Korean musicality, she has given workshops and concerts for all age and ethnic groups across different universities, community centers, and festivals. Lyuh seeks to combine different musical DNAs with respect to diversity and inclusion.