Versus 8

Versus 8 is a percussion ensemble with 19 years  of  promoting concert music with two objectives in mind: diffuse percussion music and work with composers to create new music.

Versus 8 has performed all along México, and has participate with important groups such as “La Sinfonieta “ de Morelia, Percussion ensemble from México “Tambuco”, Neopercusión (Spain), Ensamble Coral Border CrosSing (Minnesota, EU), Also has performed a soloist with Michoacán Symphonic Orchestra, Michoacan Chamber Music Orchestra and the Orquesta de la Universidad del Norte, in Asunción, Paraguay.

Versus 8 has recorded three discs: “Travesías”,  “Kids Home Alone”  and the The First CD of the Series Cage,  in honor of grate American Composer John Cage.

In recent years Versus 8 has premiered, performed and commisson works from important composers such as Michael Gordon “Timber” , José Luis Hurtado “The Exerting Forces of Theia and Gaia” Didecated to Versus 8 and premiered in Madrid Spain, and Hugo Morales “Canicas” (Marvels) for Percussion Quartet Soloist and Children Symphonic Orchestra, dedicated to Versus 8.


Along with the performing work Versus 8 has collaborated with, Universities, and Teaching Institiutions form Mexico, USA, Paraguay, Spain to collaborate in the formation of new percussion generations.