1. Tim at Bang on a Can says:

    Save the date – Bang on a Can’s Marathon of Song – June 6!

  2. Mark Sullivan says:

    Great playing and talking! Thanks.

  3. Michael Kushner says:

    Great evening!

  4. Hope Lefstein says:


  5. Julia Wolfe says:

    Mark Stewart rockin’ the guitar!

  6. Julia Wolfe says:

    really illuminating and enjoyable – thank you!

  7. Suzy Denison says:

    Thank you Amy and Steve – xoxxo

  8. Kenny Savelson says:

    Thank you Amy & Steve! Wonderful conversation!

  9. david lang says:

    thank you, both cousins!

  10. Hope Lefstein says:


  11. Julia Wolfe says:

    that’s true about Four Organs too – totally clear but then there’s a magic that is almost inexplicable

  12. Hope Lefstein says:

    “Hippy-Dippy”, I like that! 😀

  13. Julia Wolfe says:

    I love how Amy describes that! It’s the jangle when you kind of get lost in the blur – and then you get back on!

  14. Charlie Wise says:

    Will Amy be taking questions from the audience?

  15. david lang says:

    and phil lesh was a composer of avant-electronic music

  16. Hope Lefstein says:

    My brother loves ur work, Steve!

    1. Hope Lefstein says:

      His name is Steve as well, btw

  17. Hope Lefstein says:


  18. Julia Wolfe says:

    loved that moment where it was just the live person and then the video comes back in to join!

  19. Michael Kushner says:

    This is mesmerizing.

    1. Nelly Silagy Benedek says:


  20. Hope Lefstein says:

    Yeah how do they make his arms light up & show ’em double like that?

  21. david lang says:

    four arms!!!!

    1. Kenny Savelson says:

      The Genie.

    2. Hope Lefstein says:

      Yeah really, I heard of forearms, but this is ridiculous! har har

  22. Hope Lefstein says:

    I saw this previewed in the email

  23. Julia Wolfe says:

    so beautiful to see and hear the phasing at the same time!

  24. Suzy Denison says:

    Happy to be here!

  25. Nelly Silagy Benedek says:

    So excited to have the Jewish Museum involved in this program!

  26. Hope Lefstein says:

    I thought his last name was pronounced “Rike”

  27. Ronald Klayton says:

    Mine hasn’t started either. I get a thanks for watching message!

  28. Tim at Bang on a Can says:

    It just began…

  29. Charlie Wise says:

    refresh your browser page. once I did this the show started

  30. Hope Lefstein says:

    Oh there it is

  31. Hope Lefstein says:

    Is it just me?

  32. Hope Lefstein says:

    Mine is not starting, is something wrong?

  33. Tim at Bang on a Can says:

    If you’re not seeing a big Bang logo, press play on player to the left. Also if you refresh your browser you may have to press play again!

  34. Hope Lefstein says:

    Ok, waiting for it, shouldn’t it start now?

  35. Hope Lefstein says:


    1. Anne Richter says:

      Thanks for this exciting program

  36. Kenny Savelson says:

    Looking forward to this!

  37. Tim at Bang on a Can says:

    So glad to welcome you all here! At the end of a glorious spring day, it’s nice to unwind with great conversation and music. Wish it were in person – but we’re happy you’ve joined us just the same. The show starts in less than 10 minutes!

    Remember, you can enlarge the player if you’d prefer not to be distracted by the comments.

    1. Charlie Wise says:

      Will Amy be taking questions from the audience?

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May 13, 2021

Bang on a Can
Magazine & The Jewish Museum

A Live Virtual Concert and Conversation featuring
Steve Reich and Amy Sillman

With performances by Bang on a Can All-Stars
David Cossin and Mark Stewart


Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint

Steve Reich – Piano/Video Phase (arr D. Cossin)



Steve Reich & Amy Sillman

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Total: $100

This is a free concert! But please consider purchasing a ticket just the same. Doing so will help us to do more performances, pay more players, commission more composers, and share more music worldwide.

Among the most iconic and well known composers of his generation, Steve Reich’s music has had a broad influence that continues to inspire music makers across genres, from techno and electronica to rock and roll.  In the words of The Guardian, “There’s just a handful of living composers who can legitimately claim to have altered the direction of musical history and Steve Reich in one of them.”

Reich will be joined in conversation with Brooklyn-based painter Amy Sillman, who had two triumphal shows in New York last year – a show of her own work at Barbara Gladstone Gallery and a show she curated for the reopening of the Museum of Modern Art. Coincidentally, she is also Steve Reich’s cousin.

For decades, members of the Bang on a Can All-Stars have been among the deftest interpreters of Reich’s music. Guitarist Mark Stewart, a longstanding member of Reich’s touring ensemble, will perform Electric Counterpoint, for solo electric guitar and 12 backing pre-recorded guitar tracks. Percussionist David Cossin, also a veteran of Reich’s touring ensemble offers his unique treatment of Reich’s Piano Phase (redubbed Piano Phase/Video Phase), in which Cossin performs the two piano parts with percussion midi-triggers. Equal parts concert piece and live video-installation, Piano Phase/Video Phase represents a wholly novel interpretation of Reich’s work, allowing us to see the actual structure of the piece as it unfolds.




Bang on a Can is grateful for the support of these crucial 2020 Funders:

Bang on a Can’s 2020 programs are made possible with generous lead support from: Amphion Foundation, ASCAP and ASCAP Foundation, Atlantic Records, Daniel Baldini, Stephen A. Block, Bishop Fund, Jeffrey Calman, Charina Endowment Fund, City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs, Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, Alice M. Ditson Fund of Columbia University, Exploring the Arts, Howard Gilman Foundation, Jaffe Family Foundation,, Alan Kifferstein & Joan Finkelstein, Michael Kushner, Leslie Lassiter, Herb Leventer, MAP Fund, Raulee Marcus, MASS MoCA, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, Jeremy Mindich & Amy Smith, Elizabeth Murrell & Gary Haney, National Endowment for the Arts, New Music USA, New York Community Trust, New York State Council on the Arts (with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature), Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Scopia Capital Management, Matthew Sirovich & Meredith Elson, Maria & Robert A. Skirnick, Jane & Dick Stewart, Sandra Tait and Hal Foster, Trust for Mutual Understanding, U.S Department of State, Williamson Foundation for Music, Adam Wolfensohn & Jennifer Small, and Wolfensohn Family Foundation.

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Executive Director: Kenny Savelson
Development Director: Tim Thomas
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